Build Your Own Pasta with Too Saucy

The Pastabilities are Endless

Too Saucy is a new restaurant in town. We are here to serve pasta just the way you like it! We are a casual diner, offering customizable pasta dishes.

Want Something Healthy?

Besides pasta, we also serve salads for health enthusiasts and the diet-conscious lot. Like our pasta, our salads are also customizable. You can choose your ingredients and dressing to make a salad.


Our Goal

When it comes to pasta, no two people are the same! No one understands it better than us. At Too Saucy, you can choose from a wide variety of ingredients. Everything is customizable, right from the sauce, protein, vegetables, and noodles.

All this is prepared in a jiffy because we value your time.

Our goal is to treat you with delicious food on your busy day at work.

Too Saucy

Join Us

This is a calling for all the pasta-devotees in town. Be a part of the fast, casual, new restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Too Saucy


Celebrate your next occasion with made-to-order pasta, salads, and more. Let us serve scrumptious food to you and your friends.